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Rams free agent round up

The deadline to designate franchise and transition players tomorrow and free agency kicking off a week after that, there's plenty of news to feast on for those of you armchair GMs out there putting together your perfect version of the 2009 Rams. Here's a round up of some names that might or might not be of interest.

  • This is the big one, literally. Titans DT Albert Haynesworth will test the free agent market. He wants a deal making him the highest paid defensive player in the league and could easily get that. It's not very realistic, but, man, how great would it be to have him anchoring the Rams d-line?
  • The Browns are not expected to use the franchise tag on SS Sean Jones. Cleveland's best defensive back, Jones has 14 INTs in the last three seasons. He dealt with injuries this season, but has been a solid player in coverage and against the run through his four years in the league. Might he be a replacement for Chavous?
  • Dre' Bly back at CB for the Rams? He's not the caliber they're looking for as a starting CB, but he hasn't missed a game in his last three seasons. Might be useful for the leadership/depth role in the backfield, and let's not forget that connection to the glory days of the past.
  • Given Baltimore's many, many free agents, they may not have the luxury of retaining C Jason Brown. Were Brown to hit the market he'd command big money, but just 25 he'd be a long-term solution to the Rams need at center.
  • With veteran OT John Tait cconsidering retirment and just two tackles under contract behind him, the Bears might also be interested in Orlando Pace...or a higher draft pick.