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Decision on O.J. Atogwe coming soon?

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As if the Combine wasn't enough to wrap your head around, don't forget about free agency. Blogs are already buzzing with news and reaction to roster cuts and franchise tags. News, so far, has been slow for the Rams, with the only move of note being the release of SS Corey Chavous. But things aren't going to stay quiet. What kind of moves will the Rams be making in the next couple weeks?

The wackiness kicks off on Thursday, which is the deadline to use the franchise and transition tags, if a team opts to use them at all. For the Rams, conventional wisdom says Devaney will use the franchise tag to retain the services of FS O.J. Atogwe. That move will give the team's takeaways leader a one-year salary of $6.34 million, a relative bargain. A long-term deal for Atogwe might have been possible were it not for the transitions in the Rams front office, but we're not complaining about those much needed transitions. They'll have a year to hammer something out with Atogwe now. Atogwe would be a much desired commodity were he allowed to become a free agent

CB Ron Bartell remains a priority for the team, but isn't likely to receive a transition tag which would make him among the league's highest paid CBs. Negotiations with Bartell (and Atogwe) were said to be gearing up late last week. The Rams will still have through next Thursday, February 26, to work on deals with both players. The wild, wild west free agency period starts Friday, Feb. 27.

Thursday, February 26 is also the deadline for the Rams to tender offers to restructed free agents. DE Victor Adeyanju and OL Richie Incognito top the list of Rams RFAs likely to receive offers, but what kind of offers are they worth?

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