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Chavous gone; Martz gone mad

The Rams made the first roster cut of the Devaney/Spagnuolo/Demoff era, acting upon the wishes of S Corey Chavous and his agent to release him as soon as possible. 

Not really a surprise. It's been pretty apparent that Chavous was not going to be playing with the Rams anymore, especially once Todd Johnson started in his place. The Rams need a nails SS for next season, a guy to be the extra man in the box and enough speed to keep the middle patrolled. Whether that happens in the draft or through free agency remains to be seen. If Oregon's Patrick Chung falls to the second round, that could be a great get for the Rams. Safeties featured pretty heavily in this post from the Senior Bowl

In other news...

Mike Martz has gotten a little paranoid, claiming that others in the league are blackballing him. Guess where it all starts, Rams fans?

Most of the perception came from St. Louis. There was so much bitterness and anger and it all stems from my relationship Jay [Zygmunt]. Really, it emanated from a couple people and I’ve now been dogged with it throughout my career.