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Rams to plan to negotiate with CB Bartell: Random Ramsdom, 2/12

News trickles in these days, like the drip, drip, drip before a the clouds open up for a deluge. That deluge starts next week with the combine. I'm updating the mock draft database today - no draft left behind - so watch for that this afternoon. For now, a morning round up.

  • The PD has negotiating news this morning. Ken Demoff, Rams' football operations & COO, will meet with Kennard McGuire, who represents Pace and Holt, at the Combine next week. See what flex they give in terms of restructuring their contracts. 
  • In the same piece Jim Thomas reports that Demoff and CB Ron Bartell's agent, Jeffrey Griffin, will pow wow at the Combine to start contract talks. 
  • Sounding relieved by the Favre news (for now), one Jets fan suggests his team target QB Marc Bulger. Good idea in principle, buuuuut highly unlikely given that the Rams would still be on the hook for a hefty amount of money, most of the contract and still take  cap hit. 
  • Raiders CB Chris Johnson would have been one of the most sought after corners on the free agent market this year (maybe even the next overpaid CB that saddles a team's cap), but the Raiders are working on deal to resign him
  • Pro Football Weekly has a year-in-review for the NFC West, giving the Rams MVP to Atogwe and Donnie Jones.