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Suh on top

I know we have plenty of folks around these parts who would love to see Nebraska DT and potential Heisman winner Ndamukong Suh as part of the St. Louis Rams when the dust settles after next year's draft. It's hard not to like the rare defensive guy in the Heisman mix and a player many regard as the best prospect in college football.

Football Outsiders has something to satisfy your Suh cravings today with an overview of the prospect in their weekly Cover-3 article. Here's NFL draft guru Rob Rang, quoted in the piece, on Suh:

What makes Suh so rare is not that he has the physical attributes -- size, strength, agility, explosiveness -- teams are looking for at the position. It is instead that that he combines these physical skills with the attributes even more critical to success in the NFL: technique, passion and durability. It is what makes Suh the prohibitive favorite to be the No. 1 overall pick of the 2010 NFL draft

Rang's not the first to say that Suh could be the first overall pick, so let's break it down from the potential first overall picking teams. Right now, the draft order goes Cleveland, St. Louis and Tampa Bay. If Tampa Bay were the first overall pick, I'd say Suh was a slam dunk for them, especially since they have a first round QB who is looking pretty good for them down the road in Josh Freeman. What about Cleveland? There's a lot going on with the Browns that make this difficult. Do they keep Mangini and the 3-4? If so, is he an option at DE in a 3-4? Or do the Browns get another QB?