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2010 prospect watch (WR edition) - Dec. 9th

In my last two boards (DT & QB), the polls asked for, nay, demanded a WR board. And so thee demand, so the k provideth. Or something like that. While it might not be the most apt board for the Rams, given the talent coming out in the 2010 and 2011 drafts at WR, if you ask, you receive.

For reference along with my two earlier boards above, here's my most recent mock. A * denotes underclassmen, and either a small 'd' denotes that underclassmen has already declared himself eligible for the 2010 draft or a 'u', as you could guess, means they haven't yet declared. Oh, and Terrance Tolliver, LSU, isn't on my board because I'm guessing he doesn't declare until the 2011 draft. Without further adieu-ishness, here's my WR board as it stands right now...

1 - Dez Bryant*d, Oklahoma St. (MTD)

In case you don't hit that MTD link, it's worth re-posting: Dez Bryant has humongous hands. In addition to the paws, Bryant has top level agility, which is why he's been on return duty for the Cowboys. He does exhibit lapses (whether it's mental or effort can be debated), and his route running could be improved, but his raw talents (strength and speed), hands and size (6'2", ~215 lbs.) make him my top WR.

Reminds me of: Terrell Owens

The rest of the board after the fold.

2 - Brandon LaFell, LSU (ESPN)

LaFell just wrapped up what should have been a much more productive career, if only LSU could recruit decent quarterbacks. When JaMarcus Russell if your modern standard bearer...I'm just saying. In any case, LaFell is a long, physical receiver whose experience shows. He needs to exhibit a bit more discipline in his routes and could use a bit more weight, but he could be a very reliable target immediately.

Reminds me of: Plaxico Burress

3 - Damian Williams*u, USC

D-Will's stock continues to increase as scouts look not only at the precision he's displayed, but the offense he displayed it in. Whereas Bryant and LaFell need to work on their routes, Damian Williams might have run the best routes of any draft-eligible WR this season. I only caught three USC games this season, and I couldn't help but wonder why USC didn't try to involve him more in their offense. He did handle punt return duties this season, but he wasn't as explosive as Bryant in that aspect. He'll also need more bulk at the next level if he wants to handle physical corners in the NFL with ease.

Reminds me of: Torry Holt

4 - Mike Williams*d, Syracuse (ESPN)

There might not be a greater enigma in the 2010 NFL Draft than Mike Williams. He was suspended in 2008 for cheating and missed the entire season. For a while, it looked like he might not return, something that was only exacerbated when he enrolled at a JUCO. In the end, he re-enrolled at Syracuse for this season and was playing very well. I say was, because on Nov. 2, after another academic incursion, Williams walked into his head coaches office and quit the team. Hell, just check out his timeline - pretty populated given how much football he missed.

Nevertheless, his talent is undeniable, and what's scary is that unlike the three aforementioned WRs, Williams has played on horrible Syracuse teams in completely anemic offenses. Pairing him with some talent at the NFL could produce as much headline fodder from his on-field heroics as his off-field exploits, much like the WR he remind me of.

Reminds me of: Brandon Marshall

5 - Arrelious Benn*u, Illinois

Worst offense ever. Seriously. The Ron Zook Spiral of Doom continues. In his sophomore season, Benn finished with 67 catches for 1,055 yards including his performance in Illinois' loss to Minnesota in which he snagged 12 throws for 181 yards. He had a lot of people salivating to see what he could do this season, but the combination of Zook at the helm and senior QB Juice Williams ruined what could have been a banner year for Benn. He certainly hasn't done himself any favors with his hands, though. This season has seen Benn drop numerous passes. Easy comparison...

Reminds me of: Braylon Edwards

6 - Golden Tate*d, Notre Dame

Reminds me of: Steve Smith

7 - Eric Decker, Minnesota (ESPN)

Reminds me of: Hines Ward

8 - Dezmon Briscoe*d, Kansas

Reminds me of: Miles Austin

9 - Mardy Gilyard, Cincinnati (ESPN)

Reminds me of: Santonio Holmes

10 - Demaryius Thomas*u, Georgia Tech ()

Reminds me of: Javon Walker

Missed the cut

- Jeremy Williams (Tulane), Blair White (Michigan St.), Jordan Shipley (Texas), Danario Alexander (Missouri)