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Revenue sharing decision carries implications for the Rams

If you thought Pat Shurmur's offense was exciting to talk about, then you're gonna love salary cap and collective bargaining talk. Nevertheless, it's a really important subject, probably the most important subject given how much it will impact the league's future. The big news today is that the NFL (i.e. the owners) will be ending the annual $100 million supplemental revenue sharing which benefits small market, low earning the St. Louis Rams.

This $100 million pool is a fraction of the $6.5 billion in total revenues shared by the league. Small market teams receive this money to help field a competitive team and meet the league's minimum spending rules. The NFLPA will fight the decision on the basis that this money helps teams stay competitive.

How does this impact the Rams? The most obvious is taking money out of the team's available revenue, which could - emphasis on could - deal a blow to our ability to sign free agents or retain key players like FS Oshiomogho Atogwe. Makes the salary purges look positively prescient, no? Whether or not this move gets made permanent (or even takes effect if the NFLPA wins their arbitration case against it) will also impact the value of those smaller market teams and make bigger markets more attractive.