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Rams just don't have it in 'em anymore: Bears 17, Rams 9

The St. Louis Rams dropped another game, their 11th of the season, and a one-win season is now all but inevitable. The Bears had one of the league's worst offenses, a unit as lackluster as the Rams over the last few seasons, and an injury-depleted defense, but they had no problems breaking their four game skid against a banged up and talentless Rams team. It was, once again, a tough week to be a Rams fan.

What can you really say here? There were a few highpoints for the Rams and you could genuinely see that the players were competing with their all. Kyle Boller, Marc Bulger, it doesn't matter, this is the worst offense St. Louis has seen since the days of Tony Banks, who still might be a better option than either of the B boys under center. With the lone exception of Steven Jackson the Rams have no player opponents have to respect or fear on the field, and that makes it even easier to hold the Rams offense in check.

I know we have a range of opinions on what direction the Rams should take in the draft. I am firmly convinced this team needs players who can make a difference on offense, hell, players who can at least play. It's going to stay ugly - no matter who you've got on the other side of the ball - when you run the kind of offense that has scored but a single first-quarter touchdown all season. Steven Jackson should demand a trade if the Rams don't do something big on offense. His legs will fall off.

Speaking of Jackson...truly the man is a hero, a shrugging Atlas who somehow grinds his way through defenses. You can tell the offensive line is not firing on all cylinders in its current configuration. They really peaked when Jason Smith did on the right side. Now, the toll they bear is starting to show and I wonder who'll get injured next. If you believe in any sort of cosmic justice Alex Barron will be on the bench for whatever reason and Jason Smith will be at LT. There's a cruel irony in the fact that Alex Barron has been so healthy through his career. Does this guy even think about football when he plays? If Bulger and Barron are even in camp next year, someone in authority has to be held accountable. 

I'm so pissed off. Every Sunday. I can't believe people even still come by this site right now. Mercy! We keep playing and its only (mostly) guys who the Rams genuinely do need beyond this trip through hell that keep getting hurt. Ugh.