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Random Ramsdom: 12/5, getting warmed up

Before you shift into big college football game mode, here's a look at what's happening with the St. Louis Rams.


Steven Jackson is still hurting, his back is. The coaches and Jackson himself seem to think this will be a deal like last week and he'll end up playing. I hope...I guess I hope. I hate to see Jackson get injured trying to gut it out in the middle of a 1-10 season, but then again, that's why we like SJ39.

In fact, Jackson has emerged as one of the team's leaders, firing guys up and giving his all in the midst of a 1 win season.

Former Rams great LT Orlando Pace is doubtful for this game. So is LB Lance Briggs.

The Bears will move OT Chris Williams to the left side in Pace's stead, matching him up against Chris Long and James Hall. The interesting thing about this move is that some say Williams is an upgrade over the high-mileage Pace. The left side is Williams natural spot. 

The Bears put an OL atop their wish list for the Holiday season, er, offseason, or at least the fans do. 

A loss to the Rams could have sweeping implications for the Bears.