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Rams getting healthier

New players, new coaches, new front office management, lots of things look different for the St. Louis Rams this season. One constant from past seasons, the injuries. The Rams head into their week 13 game against the bloodied Bears with some key players listed as questionable. 

The good news is that C Jason Brown practiced yesterday and should be back in the mix this weekend. Good thing. The Rams took all kinds of abuse in the middle part of their line last week without Brown, starting RG Richie Incognito and replacement Adam Goldberg sliding over to fill in for RT Jason Smith

Speaking of Smith, he's most likely out this week, still not having completed the necessary neurological exams required to play after suffering a concussion. Goldberg will take his place. Personally, I always felt like Goldberg did a better job filling in on the left side at tackle. 

Steven Jackson didn't practice, but he does expect to play. He'll be without super blocking full back Mike Karney.

Does anybody else want to see more 4 WR sets this week? Yeah, me too.