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Scouting the bowls, pt. 3 / Dec. 30th & 31st CFB open thread

  Let's keep plowing - here are your pre-bowl scouting sheets for the final two days of the 2009 calendar year.  Note a switch: this cheat sheet lists only prospects for the 2010 draft including underclassmen who have declared.  Come bid adieu to '09.

(NOTE: This is currently unfinished, but I wanted to get it out as an open thread for the two games today.  Once I finish it, I'll come back and update the last couple games for tomorrow.  In case you're not watching, Bowling Green beating Idaho, 14-7, with about 6 minutes to go before the half)

   A * denotes prospects who are out due to injury.

Wed., Dec. 30th

Bowling Green v. Idaho

Roady's Humanitarian Bowl (Boise, ID), 4:30pm EST, ESPN

  Idaho - where excitement goes to die.  I kid, but only partially.

PREDICTION: BG 41 - Idaho 34

BG: Tyler Sheehan, QB (5th-undrafted), Freddie Barnes, WR (5th-7th), Jimmy Scheidler, TE (6th-undrafted), Cody Basler, LB (6th-undrafted), James Schneider, LB (7th-undrafted)

Idaho: Mike Iupati, OG (2nd-3rd)

#22 Arizona v. #20 Nebraska

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl (San Diego, CA), 8:00pm EST, ESPN

  From the beautiful beaches of Idaho to the bland, mountainous riverlands of San Diego.  Wait, I think that's backwards.  Who's writing this shite anyway?  Better question.  Who's reading it?  By the way, two big juniors to keep an eye on in this game.  Rob Gronkowski (TE, Arizona) is one of the more highly rated TEs in college; he reminds me of the Steelers' Heath Miller.  Someone Rams fans should keep an eye on is Prince Amukamara (CB, Nebraska).  His name alone warrants attention, but at 6'1" 200 lbs. and 5 INTs this year, his play has stood out.  If he does return for his senior season, it will be interesting to see how he fares without the pressure Suh provides up front.

PREDICTIONArizona 20 - Nebraska 6

Arizona: Devin Ross, CB (5th-7th), Earl Mitchell, DT (6th-undrafted)

Nebraska: Some guy I've never heard of, DT (1st rd), Larry Asante, S (3rd-5th)


Thu., Dec. 31st

Air Force v. Houston

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl (Ft. Worth, TX), 12:00pm EST, ESPN

  Any defense would be a luxury in this game.  The National Day of Bowl Games in Texas Not Named the Cotton Bowl starts in Cow Town.  And bear in mind, those of you with Case Keenum man crushes, he hasn't declared yet, so he's unlisted.  If he does come out after the game, I'd grade him somewhere between the 2nd and 4th rounds FWIW.

PREDICTIONAir Force 38 - Houston 27

Air Force: John Falgout, LB (5th-undrafted)

Houston: Carl Barnett, C (6th-undrafted), Brandon Brinkley, CB (6th-undrafted)

Oklahoma v. Stanford

Brut Sun Bowl (El Paso, TX), 2:00pm EST, CBS

  If the combination of Bob Stoops and Jim Harbaugh or the combination of OU's run defense and Toby Gerhart don't excite you, maybe stank-ass cologne and cross-border drug-fueled warfare does.  Brut and El Paso - what a combo.  Any by the way, if it does, there's a good chance you're being watched.  Yes, I mean you....Brian...

PREDICTIONOklahoma 37 - Stanford 34 (2OT)

Oklahoma: *Sam Bradford, QB (1st-2nd), *Jermaine Gresham, TE (1st-2nd), Trent Williams, OT (1st), Gerald McCoy, DT (1st), Brian Jackson, CB (3rd-4th), Auston English, DE (4th-6th), Chris Brown, RB (4th-7th), Demarcus Granger, DT (5th-undeclared)

Stanford: Toby Gerhart, RB (3rd-4th), Matt Kopa, OT (4th-6th), Ekom Udofia, DT (6th-undrafted), Erik Lorig, DE (6th-undrafted)

Navy v. Missouri

Texas Bowl (Houston, TX), 3:30pm EST, ESPN

  Being a member of the Armed Forces, I can honestly say I hate seeing modern military college sports.  I hope the Chief of Staff bans all sports at the service schools so I don't have to watch this crap.  Seriously.  I mean, who even gives a goose's nut about Army-Navy anymore except CBS?

PREDICTIONNavy 10 - Missouri 31

Navy: Not so much.

Missouri: Sean Weatherspoon, OLB (1st-2nd), Danario Alexander, WR (4th-6th), Jaron Baston, DT (4th-7th), Kurt Gregory, G (5th-undrafted), Jared Perry (7th-undrafted)

Minnesota v. Iowa St.

Insight Bowl (Tempe, AZ), 6:00pm EST, NFL Network

  Big 10 vs. Big 12?  That means big linemen.  If you like slow, chunky offenses and deliberate, though slow-footed, defenses, this is your game for the day.  Expect heart and effort with a tiny talent sprinkles on top.  The NFL Network could have done worse, but not by much.

PREDICTIONMinnesota 17 - Iowa St. 13

Minnesota: *Eric Decker, WR (2nd-3rd), Simoni Lawrence (5th-undrafted)

Iowa St.: Mike Brandtner, P (6th-undrafted), Fred Garrin, OLB (undrafted), Kennard Banks, CB (undrafted)

Virginia Tech v. Tennessee

Chick-Fil-A Bowl (Atlanta, GA), 7:30pm EST, ESPN

  The Hokies and Volunteers battle in the final game on New Year's Eve which should be interesting in many, many ways.  Virginia Tech had as disappointing a season as anyone which is tough to say for a team that only lost three games, but bear in mind they began the year with championship aspirations.  They started the season ranked 7th, but an opening loss to eventual SEC champion Alabama set the tone for a disappointing year that included losses to Georgia Tech and North Carolina.  Their recruiting has trailed off recently, so they could certainly use this win to help them in the offseason recriuting wars.

  As for Tennessee, they are finishing a very quiet season with a new coach who made no headlines.  Those are lies.  The Lane Kiffin era kicked off in very entertaining fashion for an impartial observer like myself.  Personally, I think he's great for college football and the SEC as long as his wackiness stays in the media (i.e. don't be Mike Leach.)  In any case, a defense coordinated by his father Monte and led by standout senior safety Eric Berry looked dominant at times and just very good at others.  But Jonathan Crompton makes my eyes hurt.  Tennessee would be my sleeper SEC pick next season if they had a QB and if they could keep their younger players from committing felonies in a Prius. 

PREDICTIONVT 31 - Tennessee 34 (OT)

VT: Sergio Render, G (3rd-5th), Kam Chancellor, S (4th-5th), Stephan Virgil, CB (5th-undrafted)

Tenn: Eric Berry, S (1st), Dan Williams, DT (1st-2nd), Montario Hardesty, RB (2nd-4th), Chris Scott, OT (4th-7th), Jeff Cottam, TE (7th-undrafted), Jonathan Crompton, ? (HAHAHAHAHHAA)

Whew.  The bowls keep rolling with another 5 games on New Year's Day.  I don't know if I'm going to be able to get all 5 previewed in time, but I'll try.  In any case, enjoy some beverages for 3k (responsibly) on your New Year's Eve and check out some football.