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Five Players that need to leave in 2010

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So if this perennial injury bug has any positive, it's that we've been able to see what just about everyone on the whole team can do. Sometimes, you get pleasant surprises, like Danny Amendola or Craig Dahl. Sometimes, you see things you didn't want to see. So who should we expect to be shown the door this offseason? Here are five players that need to be sent packing if the Rams want to turn things around. Of course, having your head where the sun don't shine may have it's advantages...

Firstly, the player that needs to go the most is Alex Barron. Throughout his entire career, he has shown everything that the Rams do not stand for. A general malaise and a disregard to understand that false starts aren't actually a good thing has made him a favorite scapegoat for this team. Jason Smith should have, could have and would have taken his spot at LT if he wasn't suffering the ill effects of a nasty concussion. Hopefully he will get better soon, as their will be a vacancy at that position after the season ends.

Final Straw (If for some demented reason you still think he should be on the team): Drawing a penalty on the first play of the game on Sunday vs. the Cardinals.

Next, you have the one and only Randy McMichael. Stone hands hasn't been much of a threat, and since Daniel Fells has shown enough (he is now on the IR), he will most likely be shown the door. With the receivers as inexperienced as they are, he was the only real veteran threat and could have really helped out this team (and anyone of the three QB's who've played) by stepping up and playing well. Instead, he got shown up by a undrafted two year pro. Nice Randy.

Final Straw (If for some demented reason you still think he should be on the team): Anyone of his drops this year. 

Thirdly you have Jonathan Wade. Yet another bust of the Rams, he has done virtually nothing to help this team. Through 46 games, he has 63 tackles and a pair of INT's. It's one thing if you need more time to develop, it's a completely other thing when Quincy Butler, the workout warrior of the team, starts ahead of you. How many chances do you need? He started the season, was replaced by Fletcher, who subsequently was injured, and then couldn't even hold the job down against some low level free agent picks. 

Final Straw (If for some demented reason you still think he should be on the team): It might be the fact that he hasn't done anything, or the fact that the coaching staff hates him.

Fourth is the one and only Samkon Gado. This guy's been somewhat of a mystery, as he had a good preseason by all measures (he is a backup, after all), had a relatively good camp and was thought to have been a good enough back to assist Steven Jackson. For whatever reason, he just hasn't been able to get it done. When your averaging 1.9 yards per carry, something is wrong. The offensive line, while inconsistent, just isn't that bad. This is definitely a priority for the Rams, because without Steven Jackson, they have nothing going on offense. Hopefully Spags will let Ogbonnaya play a bit more next week. 

Final Straw (If for some demented reason you still think he should be on the team): The fact that he can't ever convert 3rd and 1.

The Last spot goes to the one and only Marc Bulger. Love him or hate him, he simply doesn't have the gas in the tank to continue to play. He's been injured and sacked so many times he looks like a cat on crack in the pocket. For his current salary, he is nowhere near the player we need him to be and quite possibly will never be. Unfortunately, it appears that time has caught up with him. His one saving grace is that the only other quarterbacks on the team, Kyle Boller and Keith Null (and that Mike Reilly guy) have virtually no experience. I'm excluding Boller here because well, he is Kyle Boller.

Final Straw (If for some demented reason you still think he should be on the team): Too many injuries, level of play has dropped, and he isn't a 9 million dollar QB anymore.