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Random Ramsdom 12/29: Little's last game as a Ram?

His open wound healing, St. Louis Rams All-Decade defensive end Leonard Little could play against the San Francisco 49ers in the season finale this week. That's good news for the Rams who had a nice showing from the defensive line last week as Chris Long continued his emergence as a cornerstone of the defense. Little's presence could really help the unit disrupt the 49ers offense. 

It might also be Leonard Little's last game as a Ram. The 35-year-old Little's contract expires after this season. Given his age, it's not unimaginable to think that the team might decide not to re-sign him. Already he's only seeing about half of the snaps on defense, so there's the possibility they could keep him on as a role player...but at what price? One factor that has to weigh into the decision is the obvious need to move Chris Long to the left side where he's much more useful up against right tackles. Either way, savor the moment this weekend as it could be the last time you see Little in a Rams uniform.

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It's decision time on Marc Bulger after this season too. If there is a cap, Bulger has a cap value of $10.5 million and just $6 million is the Rams cut him. Of course, there are the whispers that he'll retire, which is probably the best course of action.

The number one pick is the Rams' to lose. A win against San Francisco, currently favored by 7 points, gives the pick to Detroit. Any other scenario and the Rams "clinch" their first first overall pick since 1997 when they draft Orlando Pace.

Underclassmen have until Jan. 15 to declare for the NFL Draft. Some big names have already thrown their hats into the ring, and more are expected to do so given the CBA situation that could (though I'm dubious) mean the end of those giant rookie contracts. Of the names who have not declared, QB Jake Locker stands out the most. Here's a rundown of those in and those out.