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What's next for Rams OG Mark Setterstrom?

It's simply impossible for the St. Louis Rams to finish a game this season without one of their players suffering a season-ending injury. This week, backup guard Mark Setterstrom left in the third quarter with a triceps injury. Turns out, it's a torn triceps, a rather serious injury, but not one that should threaten his career as on offensive lineman. Orlando Pace suffered a torn triceps in 2007, but returned in 2008.

The real issue facing Setterstrom's future with the Rams, or any team, is his inability to stay healthy. The seventh round pick closed out the last six games of the the 2006 season, his rookie year, starting for the Rams and making a good enough impression that it got him a starting job in 2007. A knee injury three games into that season ending his year. In 2008, a knee injury in camp ended his year before it even began. He was resigned this year getting plenty of work late in the season thanks to the decision to cut Richie Incognito and Jacob Bell's season-ending injury.

I always felt like Setterstrom brought a lot to the table and was a great backup to have on the roster. Clearly, he is of no value if he can't stay healthy. Setts has seen his season ended prematurely three years in a row now because of injury. Maybe he just can't stay healthy, maybe he just gets dominated by opposing defensive linemen. It's a shame; they is good enough to start. Either way, you have to wonder if the Rams can keep counting on him as they start to formulate plans for next season.