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Rams at Arizona, week 16 Game Thread

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Week 16, December 27, 2009

University of Phoenix Stadium

Who knows what to expect this week. Lost in the celebration of the Cardinals division-clinching win at Detroit last week, was the fact that they almost lost the game. The last time the Rams and the Cardinals met in week 11 was Marc Bulger's last game of the season (career?), and the Cardinals were handing it to the Rams through the first half, putting up 21 points to the Rams field goal. But then Kurt Warner left the game. The Rams played much better, but not enough. Arizona's rushing game cranked out more than 180 yards, and even though the Leinart-led Cardinals never scored in the second half, the Rams feeble offense had no chance of clawing out 21 points in just two quarters of football. Steven Jackson rushed for 116 yards in that game; can he top 100 today?

The Cardinals are just 3-3 at home.