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Big games MIA for Rams receivers

One-win or not, we've all grown accustomed to St. Louis Rams RB Steven Jackson clawing out a 100+ yard day on the ground. Triple digit days for Rams receivers on the other hand have been missing in action...for a long time.

No Rams WR has had a 100-yard game this season. In fact, the last time a Rams receiver (or any Rams player) had 100 receiving yards or more was last season during week 8 in a tough loss to the New England Patriots when Donnie Avery had 163 yards and a TD on 6 receptions. That was the only game in the last two season to feature a Rams WR to top the century mark in receiving yards. 

What's that say about the state of the Rams offense?

Nothing you didn't already know.

  1. We need talent at the WR position, a true number one guy that the QB can consistently rely on to catch passes and move for some yards after the catch. 
  2. The Rams offense has been bad, bad, bad since 2006. One of the big reasons for this has been the decline of Marc Bulger. A guy just can't be a punching bag season after season and expect to play at a high level at 30-years-old.
  3. Pass protection has been a huge weak spot for the Rams until this season. Through 14 games Rams passers have been sacked just 32 times this season. The team is on pace for its first season of fewer than 40 sacks since 1999. Digest that fact for minute.