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Random Ramsdom 12/22: Rams news for all your last minute shopping

It's Tuesday, and that means only three shopping days until Christmas. If you need my shirt size, just send me an email. Just kidding. You find any gift ideas for your sweet heart among this group of news items about the St. Louis Rams, but you will find some info about Christmas in April, better known as the draft. 


Rams add DE James Wyche - The Rams picked up a new DE to fill the roster spot vacated by Daniel Fell's trip to IR. 

The flu means nothing to Darrell Scott - Darrell Scott played a good game for a guy that missed Friday's practice with the swine flu.

More praise for Suh - ESPN's Todd McShay calls Suh "elite" and has him being drafted first overall by the Rams. However, the well-known draft guru does point out some areas where Suh must improve, just in case you started to think he was flawless.

Fresno's Ryan Matthews jumps to NFL - The Fresno State running back will enter the draft this year. He's a big runner, not a super fast guy, so he might not be exactly what the Rams are looking for to complement Steven Jackson. Still, it's worth keeping an eye on RBs entering the draft given the Rams glaring need for a #2. 

2010 NFL Draft prospects playing in non-BCS bowl games Without 3k in the mix right now, we'll have to scrounge prospect info where we can get it. This is a pretty interesting read as bowl season heats up.