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Random Ramsdom: Dec 21st, 2009

So I keep thinking to myself, "just one more's almost over." One thing we can be sure of is that the Rams are now in pole position for the first pick of the draft. Whether that is Suh or not, well, will be seen later. Jumping right into today's stories, we get:
  • Speaking of Suh, Will at Ramsherd explores the meaning of being at the bottom of the league, but the top of the board.
  • Here you have one example of a classy athlete and one...not so much. They sure know how to pick them, don't they?
  • Bernie likes the Rams intensity. In a season of lost cause, the Rams sure have been trying. Even with the stadium half empty, yet half full of injured Rams (11 players already have succumbed to the IR) the team still shows heart.
  • Jim Thomas looks at the progression of one Keith Null. It still premature to say he's been showing us the best QB play we've seen all season (Sorry Van) but he has been quite promising. Hopefully we will see more good things in the future. Kyle, care to stay sick a bit longer?
  • You want grades for the Texans vs. Rams game? You got them
I'm very proud, for everything we went through this week and being a little short-handed, guys were out there battling. I just asked them to play each play for each other, and I thought they did that today.

Enjoy your Monday everyone.