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Second chance for Null?

A handful of short shopping days until Xmas and just three games until the season of renewal and shopping kicks off for the St. Louis Rams

Keith Null fans may get a present under their tree today. It looks like the rookie QB will make his second start for the Rams. It's either going to be a good day for Null or a good day for Dunta Robinson, though the franchised cornerback does not have an INT on the season. It might not be Robinson, who is having an off year anyway, he has to worry about so much as he'll need to be fully aware of LB Brian Cushing while keeping his frame upright since Alex Barron will be blocking Mario Williams

It remains to be seen whether or not the rest of the flu-like players will play today. Some links...

UPDATE: Leonard Little is out today with a knee injury. Chris Long starts at LDE.