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Random Ramsdom 12/02




  • Rookie DT Darell Scott got the start on Sunday, and it looks like the Rams might go to him again to see if he can be the guy to fill the spot next to Clifton Ryan. At 6-3, 315 pounds he's certainly got the size for his position, so I say let him play. As the Rams move into the talent evaluation part of their season, they need to see what they've got at every position, especially on the D-Line.
  • Mike Sando updates us on the latest salvo fired by Aaron Curry in a brewing rivalry with Steven Jackson. Personally, I love what SJ said to begin with. He's letting his passion for the game come through, and I hope some of the other Rams will follow suit. Plus, since I'm an SEC guy, the little extra dig at the ACC brought a smile to my face.
  • Former Rams LB Quinton Culberson has caught on with the Carolina Panthers. I always liked him, and I hope he does well there.
  • Steve Korte says ironically enough, as ram_rod pointed out yesterday, it is the Rams run defense that has Spags looking for answers.
  • Korte again with some O-Line injury updates, including this gem from Jason Smith:
"I feel great," Smith said. "I feel like 310 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal."

Everyone enjoy their Wednesday. GO RAMS