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Flu-like symptoms sideline Jackson and three others

Uh oh. The swine flu epidemic has exacted a costly toll on the St. Louis Rams, as if missing practice weren't enough. Today, RB Steven Jackson sat out with the dreaded flu-like symptoms. Brandon Gibson, Kyle Boller and Darrell Scott missed practice with flu-like symptoms too. Boller missed Wednesday's practice with those flu-like symptoms, so he might be closer to recovery than the others, depending on when they came down with whatever it is they came down with.

It's important to note that none of those guys mentioned above have confirmed cases of H1N1. However, it's not a huge leap to assume that given the outbreak in the locker room that forced practice to be cancelled yesterday. If Jackson does indeed have H1N1 his status for this week's game is very questionable given the recovery time. It's probably just as well to give his back and legs a rest anyway.