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H1N1 latest foe to shut down the Rams

Last week it was the Titans, the week before it was the Bears, this week, before the Texans even get the chance to administer a spanking, the St. Louis Rams are getting it handed to them by the swine flu, H1N1.The Rams canceled practice today to prevent a wider outbreak of the virus that has already struck a few players.

The nastiest virus to hit the zeigiest since ebola has sidelined Kyle Boller and Jason Brown this week, though the PD notes Brown showed up at Rams Park today. Keith Null may get another chance if H1N1 has anything to say about it. Reports of Boller being ill first surfaced yesterday. Figure a three to four day recovery time for H1N1 and that means he could be ready to go on Sunday, but will he be at 100% or close enough to play?

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Donnie Avery will get the chance to meet Texans WR Andre Johnson, his idol, on the field this week. Avery first introduced himself to Johnson as an up-and-coming college receiver.

Why are we even considering IR for Bulger and Jason Smith? Just shut them down already.

The guys at Walter Football updated their mock draft today. Whether or not Tampa or the Rams end up with the first pick remains to be seen, but they're giving first overall, and Ndamukong Suh to the Bucs for the top pick. For the Rams at #2 they've got Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen. If the Rams don't end up with the first overall pick and can't get Suh, who would/should they take? I certainly lean toward a QB, but there's plenty of time between now and April to change that notion.