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Rams finished with Richie Incognito

You want credibility, you got it. The St. Louis Rams released former starting RG RIchie Incognito this afternoon. Incognito committed two pretty blatant personal foul penalties that put the Rams offense in a bad spot against the Titans. It wasn't even the first game this year that Incognito had more than one personal foul called on him; in the opener against Seattle he had two flags for personal fouls that week too.

After that first game, Cogs got a talking to and played consistently well and level-headed...until this week. His "it's not my fault" routine with Spagnuolo, documented by the Fox camera crews yesterday, probably proved to be the final nail in his coffin.

Some team will snap him up. He has the talent, and some coach will think for sure that he has what it takes to keep him on the straight and narrow...or tolerate his antics. The Rams have depth at the guard position, though the news that Jacob Bell will most likely land on IR, ending his season, will stretch that depth. With Adam Goldberg filling in for the concussed Jason Smith at RT, Mark Setterstrom and John Greco will most likely be the Rams starting guards this week.

The call for Incognito's release from fans and the local media was impossible to miss in the wake of his most recent outing. Have to give him props on handling it with class though. Here's the meathead himself on Spags and the team:

I passed along to Spags and Billy. I told them they’re doing a wonderful job. I really do think Spags is doing a great job. It’s obvious what the team needs here _ and it’s talent. It’s not a lack of coaching. And it’s not a lack of desire. It’s just a lack of talent right now. And they’ll get that sorted out. They’re the right men for the job.