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Random Ramsdom: Dec. 14th, 2009

Keith Null played. Are you happy? Sad? Think we should sign him to a 10 year 100 million dollar deal? Well, if you are stuck on the absolute shellacking of the Rams, you could read these stories to take your mind off of it:

  • Bill Coats has his grades for the Titans game. Overall, just a bunch of 'meh'.
  • Bernie Miklasz wonders if the Rams have hit bottom. Tough to say given that the plague has once again descended upon the team, but I'd have to say yes, this is rock bottom.
  • Mike Sando has his wrap-up for the game. This quote sticks out to me:

There was a time several weeks ago when the Rams appeared to be making strides. That time has clearly passed.

  • Will at Ramsherd weighs in on Null. Do you still subject him to the horror that is the 2009 Rams?
  • Charles Robinson's "winners and losers" has a couple of mentions for the NFC West. Take a guess, are the Rams winners, or are they losers?

Enjoy your Monday everyone.