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With the Rams season null and void, there's little left to root for. Heck, you might think it was early April just browsing through this site lately. Enter Keith Null

The St. Louis Rams quarterback situation has become so bad over the last three years that we're starting to demand that the third string QB get his shot on the big stage. With Kyle Boller's health being the determining factor in whether or not Null gets any significant playing time, it's almost a sure thing that at some point through this last four games Null will take over. Tomorrow, next week...eventually. 

(I guess Brock Berlin wasn't as receptive to the phone calls as the front office thought he would be, huh?)

I resisted the siren call earlier in the season; however, what do we have to lose at this point? Kyle Boller is awful and the Rams don't have many weapons around him. The biggest factor keeping Null out is Null himself. The spread QB from a DII school didn't play much under center, and the coaches had to take time into the fall to get him ready. This week he's been running the first team offense in practice, for the most part, as Boller nurses a sore thigh (do I sense a Prejean incident?). Which leads me to my next question, how hard can it be to run the Rams one-dimensional offense? Yeah, I know it's harder than it looks, and moving to a more spread-like offense at this point, with this personnel group is more than a matter of flipping a switch. Still...

Then there's also the kid's health. Can he survive and play again another day? Might as well give him a shot and see.