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Browns win, Rams closer to first pick in the draft

Congrats to the Cleveland Browns, their win over the Steelers gives the St. Louis Rams the first overall pick in the draft, as of today. Of course, another win could change all that...emphasis on could. 

Update: I may be wrong on that. Right now, it looks like Tampa Bay has the edge for the top pick, barely. According to this site the win percentage for Rams opponents is just 2 percent higher than the Bucs, 58 to 56 percent. This likely won't be settled until week 17. If Tampa Bay has the first pick, you can all but rule out Suh for the Rams at #2.

Will the Rams pick up another win? Who might they draft with the first overall pick? All those questions and more are kicked around on Turf Show Radio. You can listen to last night's episode right here.