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Rams starters ailing & healing

The St. Louis Rams strung out their game last week against Seattle with a skeleton crew. All over the field injured starters were replaced with backups, it certainly had an impact on the game's outcome. Yesterday the Rams got good news on some of their hurtin' units.

RG Richie Incognito is expected to return to practice this week. His fill-in, Adam Goldberg, did a great job a RG, better than his work at OT. 

C Jason Brown has a mild knee strain. He could return as soon as Wednesday, and will hopefully be able to play against the Bears this week. The Rams really, really missed Brown in the second half this week. Notice that Brown had never missed a practice or a game in his young career until coming to the Rams. Something in the water here?

RT Jason Smith's status seems to be the least certain. His concussion tests came back fine, but he has to take more before he is cleared to play. How can you not like this guy when he calls himself "310 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal." He's earned the right to a little blustery; it's clear what the Rams lack when he's not on the line.

MLB James Laurinaitis suffered a mild shoulder separation, but should be good to go this week. Whew. That would be one loss the Rams would have a tough time absorbing. Can you imagine how bad the defense would be without him?

FB Mike Karney is still out, and that's a tough injury to see the Rams suffer, especially with Jackson's back hurting. Keep an eye on this situation.

Look at that injury list, how does that not factor into the Rams piss poor performance this week?