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Random Ramsdom: Nov 9th, 2009


An interesting weekend of football occurred yesterday (and Saturday, for that matter). Boise State drops in the polls even though they win by double digits...the Titan's winning two in a row under Vince Young. Cincinnati walloping on the Ravens. Wouldn't it have been nice if the Rams took a chance on Cedric Benson? The possibilities...anyway, here are the stories for today:

  • Numerous reporters have linked Gerald J. Ford, a Texas billionaire, as a possible bidder of the Rams. He has no relation to either the former president or automakers...Just if you're wondering. Whether or not he wants to keep the team in St. Louis is not known.
  • If you want to thank someone for ending the Steven Jackson holdout last year, you can thank Mr. Scott Linehan. Nothing new, but it's always interesting to get a behind the scenes look at the game.
  • Meet Kevin Demoff. By age three, he was playing hoops with Curt Warner (third overall pick in 1983). By the time he had grown to big-boy status, he was playing hoops with Dan Marino. What was he doing at age 31? Well, becoming the VP of Football Operations for the Rams, of course.
  • Edpjr thinks this week's matchup versus the Saints is a trap game. Two things that will be hard that we said we need to do? Not turn the ball over (Marc Bulger against Darren Sharper...not a good matchup) and be innovative and lucky. Time to start handing out the rabbit's feet.
  • Believe it or not, but the Rams are only two games out of second place in our division. Aim high?

Enjoy the Monday everyone.