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Rams get ratings; TST joins Sprint's NFL Mobile Live

One win will do wonders for your Nielsen ratings. The St. Louis Rams victory over the Lions last week drew a 17.8 percent market share in the STL metro, the best ratings all season for the Rams. 

The Rams bested some tough competition. Check this out:

...drew a higher rating than any World Series game, all Cardinals regular-season contests and is about eight times greater than an average Blues telecast.

Maybe St. Louis is just one winning season away from becoming a "football city." Maybe. Nevertheless, for those wanting the Rams to stick around in the Gateway City, this comes as welcome news. 

Sticking with the telecommunications theme, I should mention that Sprint, the NFL's official telecom sponsor, is now also sponsoring SBNation. You may have seen the company's skin on the site recently, tipping you off, and the little white box with magically scrolling updates from SBN sites is located on the right side of the page. 

Those updates are featured prominently on Sprint's NFL Mobile Live feature, which if you haven't checked out you really should. Essentially, it's a live scoreboard, updates and in-game features ap for Sprint phones. All schilling aside, it's a nice little thing to have when you trot back into time at your grandparents house for Thanksgiving. You can even get radio broadcasts of the games.

Sprint has also partnered up with the NFL to give out 17 trips to this year's Super Bowl via their new Sprint Can't Miss Plays of the Week.  You simply just click here and vote each week on what was the play of the week.  Every time you vote, you are entered for a chance to win one of those 17 Super Bowl trip.

Ok, that's all the Sprint pitching you'll have to deal with. 

Alright, it's almost college football time, so I have to go start thinking of excuses to avoid visiting family. later.