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All stats point to greatness for Steven Jackson

The St. Louis Rams are 1-7. They still have the best running back in the league. We don't need stats to tell us how great Steven Jackson is, but it's always nice to see dominance quantified.

Football Outsiders reserved a special section of their weekly DVOA report this week to dig inside Jackson's performance this season. Through 8 games, the Rams have faced 6 of the league's top ten run defenses. He's been one of the top performers against each of those teams. Anyway, give it a look, it's pretty impressive. Kinda makes you wonder how the Rams season would be going if they had a QB and someone to catch passes...

Speaking of DVOA, Jackson's performance pushed the Rams rushing offense's DVOA closer toward neutral. They now have a -3.4% DVOA on the ground, 19th in the NFL. Through the air, their DVOA is -20.4%, 29th in the league.