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Random Ramsdom, 11/4




This might be the best bye week ever. We get to enjoy the first of many Rams wins in the Spagnuolo era for two weeks. And last I checked, the Rams won't be losing this week, either. On a personal note, I'm glad they picked Sunday to win. The night before, my football spirits were in the dumps as I was on Rocky Top witnessing my school on the wrong end of a good ole' fashion beat down in the steady rain and cold. God those uniforms were hideous. On to the links...

  • Broken by ram_rod yesterday, the Rams did some roster shuffling, cutting Tim Carter. Carter had to go and we're thin at corner. He's gotten some important targets in the red zone this year and did nothing with them.
  • James Laurinaitis gets some love in the Jeremy Green's Rookie Watch.
  • Steven Jackson will not tolerate your insolence! (Or in this case, the Lion's)
  • An injury report from the AP regarding Danny Amendola and Jacob Bell. Let's hope these two get back soon. Amendola has been a find this year and I really admire the passion he plays with.
  • Sean over at SBN's own Pride of Detroit has a drive-by-drive breakdown of the Rams' first win.
  • Interesting, if not exhausting, debate about the QB situation at the PD. VanRam wrote about Bulger yesterday and I agree he's just not the solution anymore, although its hard to argue with the decision to bring him back.
  • I'd much rather hear Steve Korte talk about Steven Jackson's will to win that overcomes everything. Including 17-game losing streaks. I've said it here before, we must build around him. His performance Sunday was borderline inspirational, and the Rams can be great (yes, I said great) if we make him the centerpiece of the team like we did against the Lions.
  • The line is even for Rams against Bye this week. Should be a push, they're pretty evenly matched.

In all seriousness, enjoy your Wednesday. And as always, GO RAMS.