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What would you have done on 4th-and-4?

Hindsight really is 20-20, and there is no better example of that than yesterday's decision by St. Louis Rams head coach to go for it on 4th-and-4 with less than two minutes remaining in the first half of the game and the game tied at 7 points apiece.

It would have been approxiamtely a 49-yard field goal attempt. Kicker Josh Brown whiffed a 46-yarder prior to the 4th-and-4 situation, but did make a 55-yarder later in the game.

I understand both sides of the argument. Today, it's easy to see that the FG would have given the Rams a lead, that they might have been able to hold going into the locker room for the half. Of course, at the time, being aggressive is good thought for a team with nothing to lose.

So, 4 yards, and Seattle had done a pretty good job of limiting the running game. In fact, up to that point, Jackson had just two carries that went for more than 4 yards. What really made the decision to go for it seem so strange was that two plays earlier the Rams had lost C Jason Brown. The o-line had struggled enough with Brown in the game, but losing him certainly dimmed the prospects for converting a 4th-and-4.

What would you have done?