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Rams 17, Seahawks 27: Pictures from a spanking

There aren't many words that can explain away the mess that has become the St. Louis Rams, so how about some pictures to try it. Click on the photo above to view the full gallery.

Sure, it's overreaction Monday, but the fleeting feeling of meh I had yesterday faded overnight into sheer disappointment...and concern. The Rams fell off a steep cliff yesterday, falling a long way from the progress they had showed in recent weeks. Well, really, they fell further off the cliff, since they didn't look so hot last week against Arizona either.

Watching the game yesterday it's hard to look at this team and feel like they're making progress. Are they? Losing week in and week out has to be tough. All the good coaching in the world can't beat the confidence a team gets from winning, and that's a big part of the problem the Rams are struggling with right now, in my opinion.

I'm not convinced of what player the Rams should take in the draft, where they'll likely have the first overall pick. Right now, as much of a liability as the defensive line is, I lean toward taking a QB. It's going to be tough for this team to win more than 4-5 games next year as it is. I also think that no matter how much you upgrade the defense it's still going to be tough to win games with an offense that plays like this version. Seriously, how do when games when you score 11 points per game and convert just 33% of your third downs? You don't, and the defense can't be counted on to steal a winning record. As far as the "all these QBs look questionable" talk, take it with a grain of salt; it's just the cylical nature of predraft talk. Come February, all that will change again. Besides, we''ve got plenty of time to dissect potential draft picks and free agents. The offense stinks and there's no player on that side of the ball more important than a QB, something the Rams don't have right now. Maybe you can make the case to wait another year before drafting a QB, but you can always make the case to wait another year, for any position, most of the time. To me the most important part of the rebuilding project will be getting a QB, and if you wait another year, it just adds another year before the Rams can compete. Maybe there's a better option in free agency, or trade; whatever route they go, I'd like to see the Rams get the best QB available. Otherwise, more wasted drives, more easy points for opponents and more losses.