Sent SJAX An "Honorable Tweet" + Shower Loofa

Anyone here use Twitter? I was looking around SJAX web site and came across his honorable tweet page and low and behold I made the list! (second one Honorable Tweet section PeterDunbar)

Steven really is a BEAST. Anyone who feels different needs to go play with a Barbie Doll, and give up football entirely.

He had one run that many older Rams fans would say looked strikingly similar to Roger Craig's run against US where our players got posterized for decades... and it appeared in highlight reels in just about every NFL "greatest" type videos as well.

Legs moving, grinding, dragging people, shoving players to the ground... Steven looked like me heading to the buffet at Ponderosa...

But seriously, it was breathtaking... and I hope those runs get appreciated by everyone in the league at the talent we have in the backfield.

NOW on another note, Steven snapped a picture of his Locker just before the season started and I, along with others, gave him crap for having a pink shower loofa...

NOW because Steven looked like a mad savage beast on Sunday (I can still hear the Detroit villagers screaming), I felt I now needed a shower loofa too... bottom line, if using a shower loofa can make you even half the man Steven was Sunday, I'm owning one:


My apologies to you Mr. Jackson for giving you crap about your shower loofa... although if you look at the bottom left corner, mine is officially called a "Deck Scrubber Shower Tool" whatever to hell that means... but it still sounds better than loofa...

BUT back to my point...

After Sunday, it's scary to think about what we could have going for us if we can get a few more pieces in place (WR, QB, D-Line).

BEAST (had to say it again)