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Reading between the offensive lines: Random Ramsdom, 11/3

Still basking in the glow of the St. Louis Rams first win? Yeah, me too. Let's dive into some random ramsdom.


RG Jacob Bell has a concussion and a neck stinger. Bell now has two concussions on the season, something that certainly won't help his effectiveness. Speaking of concussions, does it seem like the Rams have had an inordinate amout of concussions this season?

People can't seem to say enough good things about the Rams first round pick OT Jason Smith. He had a monster game at Detroit this week. I still don't understand why this guy isn't starting at LT. I think with his improved run blocking skills, switching him to LT and Barron to RT would give the Rams better run blocking on the outside lanes. And with Setterstrom, Brown and Incognito in the middle, you'd have the Rams best OL combo playing. Granted, not every game is going to be against the Lions. In pass blocking, you could put an extra blocker on Smith's side when the matchup wasn't favorable...or you could just let Marc Bulger get trashed, since it's not going to make him any worse (ouch. sorry).

The line is starting to gel. I can't help but wonder if Adam Goldberg has a future as a starter.

Bernie Miklasz gives his official endorsement to the Rams getting a new franchise QB. He does make a good point about Bulger, noting that the QB has done little with the extra time in the pocket he's had this season and pointing out that a rookie QB could fare no worse than Bulger. Amen on that. As I've said before, the Rams have a good OL, which should be better next year, and with Steven Jackson still set to thrive for a couple more seasons, it's a good situation for a rookie QB to step into, in the sense that he has some padding for early struggles. Imagine if Detroit had our offensive line and Steven Jackson, combined with Calvin Johnson; they'd have a lot more than one win this season.

Spagnuolo and the coaching staff will be taking a good, long look at the team and their own performances through the first half of the season.

Here's a drive-by-drive breakdown of the game, from Detroit blog Pride of Detroit.

Hey, what do you think about the new look at TST? I stayed up all night coding, not really. Props to the gang at HQ for their hard work.