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Rams 17, Seahawks 27: Injuries pile on as the Rams take 10th loss

First the good news, the St. Louis Rams have the top pick in the draft. The bad news is they lost a game against a bitter rival. 

Once again, give Steven Jackson major props. He very nearly missed the game; only in warmups was he cleared to play. As usual, he had a helluva game, running for 89 yards on 23 carries. He started the game, but some of the team's top blockers did not, putting the running game in jeapordy form the start. FB Mike Karney, who has been clearing defensive linemen all season for Jackson, was inactive, as was RT Jason Smith. Things really looked bleak when C Jason Brown left the game with an injury. 

It was rough day, and fans were calling for Keith Null to get a shot as the game slipped away from the Rams. That, however, would have been ill-advised as the offensive line struggled all day, even before Brown left the game. 

Kyle Boller is Kyle Boller. I mean that in the sense that he is a backup QB reason, and he gave the team a solid effort, getting sacked 4 times and pressured on seemingly every play. Only the best QBs could have overcome those odds, not to mention one who lacks a true blue threat at WR. That said, it should be pretty clear that the Rams need a QB. Soon. Why was he throwing into double coverage? Not dumping the ball when he was getting sacked late in the game also reminded you of why Kyle Boller is not a long term solution. I'm not going to dump on the guy too much though. It would have been nice to see him get that late rushing TD. Like I said above, he is what he is. If the Rams were a more talented, healthier team they might have been able to overcome some of those mistakes, but they are not that talented in several key if you needed to be reminded. 

Of course, their need for a defensive lineman stood out today as well, as the Seahawks gouged them for...oh, lots of yards and two rushing TDs. 

Fortunately, it sounds like C Jason Brown should be back in time for next week's game, since he just suffered a sprain and nothing more serious. Not to take too much away from Adam Goldberg, but it's clear how talented Jason Smith is and how much the Rams need him on the field. His move to LT and the unceremonious end to Alex Barron's career in St. Louis can't come soon enough. 



  • James Laurinaitis - his game is not flawless, but it's damn good. Too bad teams are figuring out how to isolate him and take him out of the play. Nice to see the kid pick up a sack.
  • Steven Jackson - Is there any question about the man's greatness? 
  • Danny Amendola - This midseason pickup is looking like another feather in Devaney's cap. He could really do something with a legit #1 WR on the roster...and a better QB.
  • O. J. Atogwe - Still got it.
  • Alex Barron - Am I too hard on the guy? Seattle got men around him, and he got another stupid penalty that took the Rams from 2nd and 4 to 2nd and 14. He had to hold the DL because he got beat, badly on the play.
  • The Defensive Line - Damn this group needs talent. The more I watch, the more I think we need to either draft or sign the best free agent DT we can get. More of the same next year if we don't.