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Rams vs Seattle, week 12 game thread


St. Louis Rams vs Seattle Seahawks

Week 12, November 29, 2009

Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis, MO

I get these threads set up ahead of time. As of now, Steven Jackson's status is up in the air, and that's not going to make sleeping easy. Well, ok, it won't be that hard, the 2009 Rams haven't been anything to lose sleep over. Still, this is one of our most winnable games remaining on the schedule. Kyle Boller, Brandon Gibson, Donnie Avery...these guys have to really step it up today. The rest of the supporting cast too. No excuses. No looking for flags. (we'll update on SJ's status).

The last time these two teams met things were a little different. Seattle had all of their players for one thing. Now, both teams are limping along, planning next season while the current one plays out.

There's still no reason the Rams can't win this game. As usual, they can't put themselves in deep holes with penalties and overly conservative play calling. It's a battle for pride, and those can sometimes be the best kind.


Update: Jackson will start today...whew.