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Rams rebuild: What would you do?

It's week 12 and the St. Louis Rams are 1-9. On top of that, they've got some marquee players injured, making it tough sledding the rest of the season, er, tougher. 

But then again, you knew this year would be tough. Sure, we all thought 5 wins was a reasonable projection, but tomorrow is one of the Rams mist winnable games and they could be without their best player, Steven Jackson. Breath. Focus on the fact that the Rams are rebuilding, and so far, despite what the record says, it's moving along with some encouraging signs. The offensive line is finally starting to come together and represents a big improvement over recent seasons (of course two starters are out this week, but the depth is good too). The defense, still struggling, has made huge strides up the middle by drafting MLB James Laurinaitis and signing SS James Butler in free agency. 

This spring it's another draft, free agency, and a whole lot of dead money off the books. But before we start (continue) speculating about what the Rams could/should do in a few months, let's take a look back at what they did do. Like I said above, we knew this was going to be a rough year with a rebuilding team, but are there moves that GM Billy Devaney & Co. could have done better could have made to begin with that would have made a bigger impact on the reboot? Should they have sacrificed competing this year? Did they have any choice? 

In the comments section, weigh-in with what moves you would have (or wouldn't have) made in the rebuilding process. Remember, be realistic. Yes, they could have signed Albert Haynesworth (kind of glad they didn't since he seems to be a bust in DC), but that's not realistic because that would have directed too many resources elsewhere. 

Have at it GMs.