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Random Ramsdom: Thanksgiving Edition


I hope everyone finds a reason to be thankful today! If you can't, just remember you aren't Lions fans. That should be thankful enough if you can't find anything. Jumping into the stories:

  • Here it is almost at December, and Mark at Ramsgab has a look back at the season opener. Two very different teams facing off this Sunday.
  • Bernie at STLtoday thinks Bulger was the unlucky transition QB. Do I feel sorry for him? Yes. Is it his fault? No. Should it have happened? No.
  • Sound off: STLtoday columnists talk about Null. In short, they feel like saving his football life- by not playing him.
  • Sando has an injury update. No big names. Only the small fries like Jason Smith, Mike Karney and some bum named Steven Jackson. Pssh, like we need them.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone!