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Jackson, Boller and the Seahawks

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While you're waiting and wondering if Kyle Boller's play action bootleg can get the St. Louis Rams another win, there's some injury news we've got to talk about this morning.

Obviously, there's the Bulger situation. As much as we all were ready to see Bulger move on to other pursuits, the thought of Boller under center doesn't have anyone too excited. More on that later. What ought to concern Rams fans more than anything is Steven Jackson lower back.

The Rams have placed undue weight on SJ's shoulders this season, asking him to carry a mostly futile offense save for him. Jackson has a lower back sprain, something that injury guru Will Carroll says "could affect his workload." Seattle's no great shakes on defense without Tatupu, but they have been somewhat effective against starting running backs. The last rusher to gain more than 100 yards against the Seahawks was Frank Gore in week two. However, teams are running enough to set up their passing game, which has spelled certain doom for the Seahawks lately. Last week, the Vikings ran for a total of 157 yards on 37 carries, and the week before, the Cardinals ran for a total of 152 yards on 26 carries and scored two rushing touchdowns.

So maybe, they don't have to use Jackson excessively. Of course, if they don't, that puts more onus on Boller and the receivers. It's a favorable matchup for a passing game, but how favorable a matchup is it for the Rams passing game?

Personally, I don't think we lose anything with Boller in for the injured Bulger. Bulger has been too inconsistent - mostly he's played poorly - to be relied upon from week to week. Sure, he gives you the best chance to win, when he's on his game, but when was that going to be?

As for Boller, am I excited about him starting? No, but this is a rebuilding team without a clearly anointed QB of the future, who would otherwise step in this week and give us a glimpse of hope. Like I said above, the difference between having Boller or Bulger starting this year is negligible. The receiver picture should at least be a little more settle for Boller this time around. Danny Amendola has had some time in the system. Donnie Avery is playing much better than he was the last time Boller started, and Brandon Gibson could be a reliable possession guy for Boller. Then of course, there's Fells in the mix at TE. The offensive line is playing much better now too. Hopefully, the players sense the opportunity and play their best football, making life easier on the QB.

What has been working for the Rams on offense lately is opening the field with deeper passes, getting the ball to guys somewhere past five yards. Boller loses something in his accuracy the further he throws, but he's not completely incompetent in that department. Pat Shurmur will have to trust the guy a little more, fighting the urge to draw inward and be more conservative with the playcalling.