QB of the Future (Update with solution to the problem that is the Rams)

There has been a lot of talk about how the Rams should start or should have already started grooming the QB of the future. We are in a difficult situation because Bulger is on the decline and his salary is on the rise. We need a QB for next year and for the future. These two people may be the same of different people. So I'll take a quick look at some options.

In-house options:

Not much here. Two washed up QBs in Boller and Bulger. I suppose they could handle the job for one more season, but I'd rather have the future step in. Null was a mistake from the beginning. I don't think he will ever do anything in the league as a starter. And if he could it wouldn't be for a couple of years.

So for next year I think we're going to need to either keep Bulger and/or Boller while we groom the next QB or sign a FA to bridge the gap.

Some options in free agency would be Kyle Orton (most likely resigned), Jason Campbell (may be a restricted FA), which could cost a first rounder to sign him, Chad Pennington, Tavaris Jackson and Kellen Clemens. My choice would be one of the last three, probably Pennington. Just for a year or two while we groom the QB of the future.

So this leads us to who we are going to groom.

Here are my top 5 choices for QB of the future (not in any particular order):

1. Dan LeFevour

2. Pat Devlin

3. Tim Hiller

4. Ryan Mallett

5. Tony Pike

Honorable Mention

My top 2 choices are Dan LeFevour and Pat Devlin. I would be fine with either of those two guys as our QB of the future. I don't think Jimmy Clausen or any other first rounder is the way to go. Bradford would be the best choice but injury issues scare me away from him.

Pat Devlin would be a great choice in my mind. He's got good size at 6'4'' 222 lbs. He's a redshirt junior and may not declare this year, but if he does, I'd take a flyer on him. Good arm, good accuracy, needs more experience to develop, so he could have a lot of upside, he's got decent mobility, and a quick release. He also plays in a pro-style offense. I think he could be a guy that can be developed into a nice QB with good coaching and without spending a high draft pick on him. I don't really know a whole lot about him except what scouting reports say but he seems like a decent prospect at QB and may even be my first choice.

Dan LeFevour could be a good option too. Accurate, decent size, good arm, more mobile than Devlin. We'll hear plenty more about him in the next 4-5 months leading up to the draft.

Mallett like Devlin, is very raw and does not have a lot of experience. Monster size at 6'7'', rocket arm, needs work on accuracy, which is a problem for me.

The other two have good size and accuracy but weak arms, so I'm not complete sure about them.

Devlin could be had in the 4th as could any of these guys really.

I'm not a fan of any of the first rounders and don't think we should draft one first round. If we are committed to drafting a QB first round, the only one I would think about taking is Bradford.

I left out Case Keenum, but I am a fan of prototypical size and he doesn't have it, but he still deserved at least a mentioning.

So I think we need to keep Bulger for one more year, or sign a FA QB for one year and start grooming a not Null QB out of this draft to be our future QB.


Also here's a link to my fanshot that shows an article on how offenses run too often on first down



Erik Ainge

23 years old, 6'6'' 220 lbs.

Drafted in 5th round by Jets in '08. They now have Sanchez, Clemens and O'Connell, so they could give up a QB. Could be had for a late rounder since they don't appear to have future plans for him. Here's his scouting report.

Continuing with my solution to the Rams:

Rd 1- Trade down if Suh is already gone, if not draft him. If you trade down 10-15 spots, draft LaFell.

Rd 2- Best Available D-Lineman

Rd 3-1- Best available non-safety defensive player

Rd 3-2 from trade down- Noel Devine

Rd 4- Best available defender or Terrance Toliver

Rd- 5-1 O-line/Defense

Rd- 5-2- Traded for Ainge

Rd-6 and 7- O-line/Defense

This gives us a huge upgrade, and this is without dipping into free agency. If we could sign a above average corner or two and Derrick Johnson and a good D-lineman we could really compete next year, all with Erik Ainge at the helm.