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Bulger's status for week 12 up in the air

St. Louis Rams QB Marc Bulger has a strained groin/hamstring and a swollen knee. The Rams performed an MRI today determining the strained groin/hammy, and were planning to run another MRI this afternoon.

But that's not the half of it. Tomorrow, Bulger will undergo neurological tests tomorrow, along with Jason Smith and Chris Chamberlain, to determine whether or not he suffered another concussion.

Bulger's injuries are enough that his status for a week 12 winnable game against the Seahawks, in St. Louis, is questionable at this point.

If Bulger is out, that means Boller will start and Null will back him up. I like the Rams in this game, as long as they can play like they did against the Saints. However, if Boller comes in, you have to wonder if the coaches won't get even more conservative or if they've seen enough from Boller in his starting stint this season to keep the playbook open with him under center. If Boller does play, it'll be with almost an entirely different group of receivers than he had earlier in the season.

Stay tuned.