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How would a shorter offseason impact rebuilding teams like the Rams?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wants to shorten the offseason.

There needs to be limitations in the offseason with respect to the type of work, and how much work, is done. Teams will definitely have sufficient time to get their offense and defense in ... Should maybe rookies and first-year players have more time in training camp? That's something [San Diego coach] Norv Turner mentioned this week. It's something that needs a lot of dialogue, and that's one of the things the player forums will look into.

That sounds well and good, but what about teams going through coaching changes, like the St. Louis Rams? It's clear that getting the new systems implemented is still something of a work in progress, of course injuries aren't helping that. However, imagine converting a team over to a new offensive system if you've only got a month of preseason and camp to do it. Factor in the curve when teams invest oodles of money in draft picks at skill positions like QB or WR and you can make the case for needing more time.

Goodell says it in such a way as to leave a huge loophole, and it's miles and miles away from happening. Still, something to think about.