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Random Ramsdom: Nov. 23rd, 2009



  • Bernie Miklasz thinks the Rams offense is in the stone age. It's one thing to talk about the Rams needing a passing attack, but it doesn't quite work when you compare Kurt Warner and his wide receivers to Marc Bulger and the STL receivers.
  • Bill Coats has his grades for the AZ game. He had no problems with Shurmur's playcalling. While I think it has gotten better, the ridiculous shovel pass was a perfect example of his...wackiness.
  • Remember those questionable penalties? Well, the perfect, infallible NFL referees have their side of the story.
  • Will at Ramsherd asks, "To go? Or not to go?" That is the question.
  • Wondering why Bulger was looking loopy during the last possession? It's probably due to a concussion. Thanks to Jeff at Ramsgab for forwarding the link.

Enjoy your overreaction Monday.