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Random Ramsdom 11/21: Catching up on Saturday's Rams news

Happy Saturday everyone. It's the second to last week of the college football regular season, so that means you've got work to do scouting the the future of the St. Louis Rams. Don't forget to download 3k's college watch list.


In the meantime, we've got some newsy links to get to, for your Saturday edition of Random Ramsdom.

Little facing old friend this week - Leonard Little is not going to let his friendship with Kurt Warner get in the way of a good sack. 


Reconsidering Marc Bulger - Sando wonders if Bulger wouldn't be useful for the Rams to keep around in 2010 if the QB can play well down the stretch, allowing the Rams to use their first round pick on someone besides a QB. I suspect this is an argument we'll be hearing until next April.



Victor Adeyanju back in the fold - An important role player in recent seasons, Adeyanju will get plenty of reps this week with a banged up D-line.

Gibson a starter? - Without actually confirming it, Spagnuolo made it look as though WR Brandon Gibson will start this week. Who else do the Rams have at this point?

Rams C Jason Brown chatted with fans yesterday - See what the big man had to say. 


Jackson's on a blistering pace; Chris Long is questionable - No surprise on Jackson. If Chris Long is out or limited this week, the Rams could really have some trouble on the D-line. If any of the others get injured, it'll be a tough afternoon.


Rams buy remaining tickets, avoid blackout - Not a bad move. Remember, the Rams TB ratings have improved steadily this season, with the Detroit and New Orleans games getting some good numbers. If they can play well this week, it'll go along way toward goosing their ratings for the season and building the fan base. Having Kurt Warner in town never hurts either.