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Follet fallout

Detroit's Zack Follett hit on St. Louis Rams KR Danny Amendola turned heads in strip mall sports bars in every city in America this weekend. Even fans at Chili's were rendered stupefied by the melon-thumping crush of the hit.

Unfortunately for the Rams, the helmet-on-helmet hit ended up handed Amendola a highlight reel concussion, Amendola being the skid row kick returner/wide receiver that's become one of the few bright spots for a team woefully bereft of bright spots. Take another look at the hit.

Will Zack Follett get a fine for that?

It's a pretty tough call. CoachConners made a good point in the comments earlier today that it's pretty "kamikaze" on special teams. And that it is, players using the field to get up to full speed, tunnel vision from the adrenaline. It's hard to see intent to injure here, at least in a malicious sense. Still, it looks like there'd be a fine coming based on the league's distaste for noggin-to-noggin stuff lately.