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Rams injury news: Amendola has a concussion

St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo just wrapped up a Monday afternoon presser. The big news to come out of it has to do with some injured Rams starters. The Rams have a bye this week, which will help players recover ahead of the next game.

First, WR Donnie Avery and TE Randy McMichael are fine. DE C.J. Ah You will test his ankle this week. Would the Rams really miss McMichael? Yes, in the depth chart sense, but not so much as a playmaker.

Jacob Bell has "head and neck" injuries, and will be tested this week. They didn't say anything about a concussion, which is what the coach said he thought Bell had in the wake of yesterday's game. Run blocking got better with Setterstrom filling in for Bell. Setts has proved his mettle as a starter before, and I'm more than willing to say he's a better for the Rams going forward than Bell. This is the second year of his six-year contract he signed in the Spring of 2008.

WR/KR Danny Amendola has a concussion and will be tested Wednesday. Keep an eye on this one. Amendola's work returning kicks has been a pleasant surprise for the Rams, and looked like the answer to a long overdue question of who could be a consistent kick returner for the Rams. Hopefully, it's mild enough that he's cleared by the time the team resumes play in week 10.