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Rams 17, Lions 10: The Rams first win of the pictures

Wins, like people, come in all shapes and sizes, but, like your mother said, you must accept all people as they are...or something like that. The St. Louis Rams picked up their first win of the season this week, against the Detroit Lions, and like those vicious little animals called human beings, there was just as much to like as to dislike. But, in the end, a win is a win, and it still feels good.

And that's it for my up with people pep talk. I'm going back into my mother's basement, pajama-clad, to drink three more jugs of Mountain Dew Code Red, eat bulk cheese balls from Costco, and blog about the Rams. Regardless of whether or not you're surfing from the comfort of mom's basement or the office, here's some photos of the Rams win for your viewing pleasure. They cover the highlights and lowlights before ultimately getting you back to high life again, celebrating the Rams first win of the season. Enjoy.

We'll return to our regularly scheduled fingerpointing shortly.