Ask Revenge of the Birds

Hello fellas, Andrew from Revenge Of The Birds here to start our QnA for the week. We currently head down to St. Louis to take on your Rams and trust when I say, the Cardinals won't take the Rams lightly. They started to do that last week against the Seahawks and trailed 14-0 early. That has been the story of our season. We're inconsistent - something that I hope will change soon. We started the season 1-2, won 3 straight, lost to a struggling Panthers team at home, and now have won 2 in a row. If you have any questions for me about the Cardinals I'll be sure to answer them as quick as possible and I'm sure some fellow ROTBers will stop by too. Also, if somebody here can do the same QnA at ROTB, that woud be great. Here's to a good game on Sunday guys.