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Deep thought: Would a better #2 running back have made a difference for the Rams?

A deep thought...

Taking nothing away from the otherwordly Steven Jackson, but how much would a solid #2 RB have helped the Rams yesterday...and beyond?

Besides the obvious concern of not wanting to completly exhuast Jackson, it seems to me, that another competent runner would have opened up the playbook a little more, allowing the Rams to do some different things when Jackson was not on the field. Typically, in those situations team can be assured that the Rams will be passing, since Samkon Gado doesn't present much of a threat.

Darren Sproles is scheduled to be a free agent after this season; he's currently playing on a franchise tender. That might be a little pie-in-the-sky, but that's the kind of player I'm thinking of to complement Jackson. Leon Washtington would be another fit of that type. Of course, there's always a bruiser, short-yardage option type of guy, like LenDale White.

And, here's another question, what happened to Kenneth Darby?